ownCloud Tutorial Part 4: Configure Desktop and Mobile Clients

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Connect to the Owncloud server using a desktop or mobile client

Users can access and synchronize their personal data stored within the ownCloud server via desktop clients and mobile apps.

Dektop clients

Desktop clients are available for Mac Os, Windows and Linux

  1. Once you installed the client, you will be presented with the onwCloud Connection Wizard. Enter your server details and click Next:
    Conn Wiz 1

  2. Now type your Username and Password and press Next:
    Conn Wiz 2

  3. Customize your settings and click Connect...:
    Conn Wiz 2

  4. As soon as the first synchronization task completes, you can close the active window.
    Conn Wiz 2

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are available for iOS and Android.

  1. Once installed, open the App and type your server address http://owncloud_ip:8080:
    Mobile 1

  2. Enter your login details and tap on LOG IN

  3. Select Settings to choose your synchronization preferences:
    Mobile 3

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